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AWA Activities

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Women of Taste


Women of Taste is all about food! Each month we explore a new culinary delight of Bahrain!

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Craft Group


One of the most active groups we have with meetings every week!

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Golf Clinics


So popular with our members we divided into beginner AND intermediate clinics!

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AWA photography club where you can learn how to use a digital camera or even your cell phone to capture beautiful images!

Painting Equipments
Art Group


Allow your creativity to flow!

Outdoor Reading
Book Club


As a group, they vote on the books to read and meet once a month to discuss the chosen book for each month.

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Bollywood Drama Queens


If you love Bollywood and dancing - THIS is the group for you!

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Nia Mindful Dance Class


Move your body in a fun way!

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On Island Tours


Discover hidden gems on this beautiful island of Bahrain!

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Scrabble Club


One of newest groups and our members love it!

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Fashion Group


We are all eagerly awaiting the fashion show they have been planning!

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