Cherry Tree Trot FAQ

What is the Cherry Tree Trot?

The Cherry Tree Trot (CTT) is a day of fun and races sponsored by the American Women’s Association (AWA). It is one of the oldest and highest profile charity events in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The next event will be held on Saturday, February 1, 2020.

The CTT is organized to raise money for over 30 Bahraini charities supported by AWA.  The high-profile event is held every two years.

It is also a fun day out for participants who are mentally and physically challenged, with the primary event being a 2k race designed especially for them. There are two categories: 1) Over 13 years of age, 2) People in Wheelchairs.

The participants with mental and physical challenges will be supported in their race by students, volunteers from private schools, and adult volunteers; including many from the American Forces based in Bahrain.

Included in the other race events are a 3k and 8k race for able-bodied participants of various ages.

There is also a 3k walkathon for those who like to take things a little easier, such as families with pushchairs or strollers.

What is the AWA raising money for?

Proceeds from the CTT will be placed in AWA’s Community Service Fund.  The Community Service Fund is used to support 30+ local charities over the next two-year period.

When is the Cherry Tree Trot Race?

Saturday, 1st February 2020

Where will the Cherry Tree Trot be held?

At the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir.

Who can attend?

Children ages 13 and up can enter the 3k races. Ages 15 and over can enter the 8k race.  All ages can walk in the walkathon.  Spectators are welcome and are not charged.

Where can I register?

Registration information can be found on the AWA web site. There will be special stations set up at the BIC for registration on the day of the event.


Age 17 and over         7 BD

Age 13 to 17 years         5 BD

Walkathon (6 years and above)                2 BD

Under 5 years                 No Charge (walkathon)

(50% discount if individual is participating in a second race)

Do children need to pay?

Yes, anyone who is age 6 and over will be required to pay. Children under age 5 can participate for free in the walkathon.

All participants, but especially children, are encouraged to find sponsors to raise more money.  Several private schools will have programs to raise money by gathering sponsorships.  Prizes will be awarded to the child, and to the school, raising the most money.

What do I get for my registration fee?

Participants in the 3k and 8k races will receive an official CTT tee-shirt, and complimentary meal and beverage. Walkathon participants will not be given a tee shirt or food.

Are there prizes?

Yes, trophies will be awarded to the 1st Place Winners and special medals for 2nd and 3rd Place Winners for male and female racers.

What are the race categories?


3K Ages 13 & Up
8K Ages 15 & Up


What time does registration open on the day of the race?

On the day of the race, registration will be open starting at 8:00AM until 11:30AM.

When should we be there?

The participants should arrive early for registration.  Races run from 9:00 AM until 12:30 PM.

What can the spectators do?

They can watch the races and cheer on the racers.  Food will be for sale.

Who can I contact at the AWA for more information about the CTT?

Elizabeth Wells         AWA President/ CTT Chairperson        3888-4924

What is the American Women’s Association?

The AWA is a non-profit, volunteer organization organized and run by women.

The American Women’s Association of Bahrain was established in 1974.  The objectives of the AWA are to:

  • Unite women in Bahrain for friendship and cooperation.
  • Promote understanding amongst women of different nationalities.
  • Enhance the cultural and social communication among members.
  • Serve the community.

Open to women from any country, the AWA has nearly 200 members of over 30 nationalities.  Women join AWA to meet other women, but also to give something back to the community.  AWA members volunteer for at least eighty “woman” hours a month in five homes and centers for the mentally and physically handicapped in Bahrain.

What is the AWA’s address?

American Women’s Association • PO Box 26135, Manama, Bahrain •